World Class Models Magazine interview with Joyce Ann Dalumpines

World Class Teen Models Magazine, Joyce Ann Dalumpines
World Class Teen Models Magazine, Joyce Ann Dalumpines, Photo by Bryan Guinto Photography


The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows and the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.

I am Joyce Ann Dalumpines, eighteen years of age and I am from Panabo City, Davao del Norte,  Philippines. I am a freelance model and also competing up with pageants and model-search nationwide nor local areas. I am lovely living with my mother Jocelyn , brother Yuri and grandmother Lorita in Barangay DAPCO, Panabo City, Philippines. Presenting myself and sharing my passage  towards the next movement of my career will turn  an inspiration to those who are dreaming to become a model.

Ever since I was a kid, I was dreaming of becoming a model. Philippine Next Top Model change my life from usual and ordinary to more productive and colorful. It molds me to become who I am with confidence and self-determination. It helps me to boost myself engaging other people towards communication and by experienced also. Being a model is not just for photography’s and casting calls but then, it a big appearance to be a good role model to the next generations.

World Class Teen Models Magazine, Joyce Ann Dalumpines, Photo by Edmond Chau

When I was 13 years old, year 2012, I’ve got started joining pageants and modellings. It was hard for me to compete with the elderly candidates just to prove them that I need that bacon to bear home and made my family proud of.  The next months, I’ve been connected with a competition at Abreeza Mall, Davao City which was I am the Davao Circle of Stars Runway Model Awardee. A big opportunity, a big chance to be a well-trained model. Mr Joel Perez with Mr. Ray Jhon Sanoria assisted me wearing wardrobes, hair and make ups throughout the event. It was a big event in Davao City by Star Horizon Productions headed by Direk Prince Navarro Nicholson from the Network of GMA7.

Direk Prince Navarro Nicholson is one of the talent handlers in GMA7. He is the head of Precious Stone Productions.

Mr. Joel Perez also known  for being a  freelance makeup artists. He is the owner of Joel Perez Elegant Boutique located at Panabo City. He is my makeup artist from the day I’ve started a big competition until I’ve reached Nationwide Competition as well as  , joining particular competition this days.

World Class Teen Models Magazine, Joyce Ann Dalumpines
World Class Teen Models Magazine, Joyce Ann Dalumpines Photo by 90.7 Love Radio Davao

I am the Philippine Next Top Model Davao Grandwinner and had been represented Davao City in a Nationwide Level at Area 05 Superclub, Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Manila. All my life, I am truthfully blessed to have that title that every teenagers dream of. I was awarded last July 20, 2014 to represent my land. A shocking and nerve-cracking moment in my life burst out when I’ve been heard that moment of my life.

We contended last December 29, 2014 , a few months after that declaration. There are 21 participants for Teens edition competed for the title. I was too nervous because there are many teens from the different local areas in the Philippines but then I am engaging for my dream. I was there to raise the banner of Davao as well as to confirm myself that I can do what it takes because “believing that you can do it, you will do it whatever it is”.

The competition comprises of the following: Production Number, Jungle Attire,Christmas in Red Attire, PNTM Attire, and Province Attire. The whole time was challenging because of the beautiful and colorful designs of every costumes.

World Class Teen Models Magazine, Joyce Ann Dalumpines
World Class Teen Models Magazine, Joyce Ann Dalumpines with Joel Perez

At the end of the time, I didn’t have the Grand Title but then I am the Philippine Next Top Model D’ Producers Choice Awardee. In exchange of that, the production wants me to remain in Manila for a big contract but we’ve  decided to took my studies first before capturing  up my career because education is the only gift that you can give to yourself. If that call is meant for me to be, I’ll be back and snatch up that challenge.y

A one-long week residing for us in Manila was challenging, unforgettable, meeting up new friends and different personnel in the industry of showbiz are truly inspirable.

Becoming the Top Model from Davao City is a big accountability for me. Bringing the label of it, preserving my physical and mental outlooks and being a role model to each and every one. It is not just easy as walking down the street but instead, a big honor to be one of the history.

World Class Teen Models Magazine, Joyce Ann Dalumpines
World Class Teen Models Magazine, Joyce Ann Dalumpines with Joel Perez

When I was in highschool at Don Manuel A. Javellana  Memorial National High School , I become the Miss Science and Mathematics 2012 , SCIMATH Supermodel 2013 , Miss Nutrition 2014 and I’ve been represented our school at BSP-GSP Inter-School Encampment as Miss GSP 4th runner-up.

But then, being Top Model casts me to become a better and well-carriage aspiring model in the next procreation. I become The Face Model Davao Philippines 1st runner-up  ,  NCCC Trendy Teen Semi-finalist, Rampa Pilipinas Ambassadress 2014 , JS Gaisano Tagum Fix n’ Fab Top Model 2015 2nd runner up , 90.7 Love Radio Calendar Girl 2016  Miss February , and St. Mary’s College of Tagum Miss Tourism Ambassadress 2016.

I am also a Brand Ambassadress in Tagum City by wearing elegant gowns and cocktails of Marlon Aba Fashion Trends owned by Marlie Aba and also Jessil Sardido Wardrobes.

Marlie Aba is one the pageant handlers known in Tagum City which is his powerhouse is the “Home of Beauty Queens”. His powerhouse is located at Rizal Street, Tagum City.

Wearing also the collections of Jessel Sardido is a big break for me. Jessel Sardido is known for being a hair consultant and makeup artist from Tagum City. His Salon is located at Quezon Street, Tagum City.


I am also one of the talents of productions in Mindanao and these are: CE Management by Joseph Dela Pena , Panabo Cable Satellite Local Artist headed by Direk RJ Aranas and Association of Creative Artist, Inc. as local artist founded by Sir Ben Marfori.

There are many opportunities that God bless me to pursue dreams in life.

There are many challenges that I may conquer to pass every inch of the journey my life will takes.

There are many people who doesn’t believe that I can do all the things I want to do.

But then, this is what I’m going to say: “No matter how you’ll bring me down, I’m just me and this is going to be me”. Believing to yourself is the only power that you can give to your own happiness.

These achievements that I’ve done in the past years is just the beginning of my journey and this will not take too long without God. Just believe in him and everything will follow.

“My motto inspires me to define what success is. As a teenager, a success is having all the sacrifices in my studies and strengthening my faith to face all the obstacles that may come on my journey. In short, sacrifice + prayer = SUCCESS.”

World Class Teen Models Magazine, Joyce Ann Dalumpines, Photo by Bryan Guinto Photography
Makeup Artist Joel Perez
Makeup Artist Joel Perez
World Class Teen Models Magazine, Joyce Ann Dalumpines, Photo by Lloyd Nayoma

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