World Class Teen Models Magazine interview with Madelon Grootenboer

brand: Shoeby
World Class Teen Models Magazine is honored to interview young and very successful 12 years old Madelon Grootenboer, who booked Tommy Hilfiger as her first job.
Name: Madelon Grootenboer
City/Country of Birth: Belgium, Essen (Antwerp)
Citizenship: Dutch  (both her parents)
Age: 12
Height: 163cm
Weight: 40 kilo
Shoe size: 36/37
Languages that you speak:  Dutch and a little bit French and English
Zodiac sign: capricorn
Eye color: blue
Hair Color: blond (dark blond in winter time)
Photo by Sander Krijger
World Class Teen Models Magazine: What age did you start to model?
Madelon: I was seven years old. My parents have hesitated a long time: to subscribe or not to subscribe with a modelling agency? It was a foreign world for them. My mom asked a photographer what he thought, could I be a child model and he was certain this was the case. So, then they searched for a suitable, reliable agency and three weeks after subscription we were invited for a casting for Tommy Hilfiger. My parents had no idea what a casting was all about! But ok, they said: let’s give it a go, so I went with my dad to Amsterdam where there were lots of kids! We didn’t expect any of it, but literally one day before the photoshoot we got a call: Madelon is chosen. It was a two-day-shoot with a French photographer, and it was all new to me. But it went ok and from that point on, I started modelling.
World Class Teen Models Magazine: What brands or designers do you work for?
Madelon: Besides Tommy Hilfiger, mostly Dutch and Belgian brands and I have modelled for three German fashion companies and one Turkish. That shoot was in Istanbul, that was kind of special!
World Class Teen Models Magazine: What do your school mates say about your being a model?
Madelon: Not so much, I hardly talk about it and I think they recognize me since a year or so, on websites or in magazines. Sometimes my friends comment like ‘wow, do you get to wear all these clothes?’ But the Dutch and Belgian people have a really down-to-earth mentality, we have a saying here: act normal, then you’ll be acting weird enough.
Photo by: 
World Class Teen Models Magazine: Did you make new friends in the fashion world?
Madelon: Yes I do, I meet new girls at shoots and from the very first Hilfiger-shoot I have a very good contact with another Dutch model. She lives in Amsterdam, we do not see each other often, but once a year we have a sleepover or we spend a few days with each other. Now, I have two, three friends like this. And it is nice to meet girls or boys you already know and to make fun with while waiting at the shoots. Besides the kids, you ran into people you’ve met before, stylists, make-up artists, photographers. They are not friends, but it is nice to meet them, they are always very kind.
World Class Teen Models Magazine: Are you the first in your family to model?
Madelon: No, I don’t have any family working in the fashion world. That I do modelling, is something we don’t talk about often. My grandparents are proud when they see a picture of me, but they are just as proud of all the other grandchildren. And it’s the same here at home, my brothers are used to see my photo’s sometimes, but they don’t think it’s something special.
Photographer: Marc Lambrechts, brand: Jow Junior
World Class Teen Models Magazine: What was your favorite photoshoot?
Madelon: Hilfiger clothing, Geisha Fashion, Shoeby, America Today, I loved all these.
World Class Teen Models Magazine: How does it feel to model and do photoshoots?
Madelon: You grow into it, I think now I enjoy it more than a few years ago. I think it is because you know now what to expect (the long waits, it can be cold or extremely warm with winter clothes in high summer) and you know it is not obvious that you will be booked for a lot of photoshoots, there are so many beautiful girls, so, you must be glad when you get picked for a job. I will be able to keep modelling for kids fashion brands maybe a year or two, but then I will outsize the sample-sizes and I will have to wait until I fit in the adult sizes.
World Class Teen Models Magazine: What do you like more, walk in fashion show or do photoshoots?
Madelon: I love doing fashion shows, but when you work with a really nice team and it is a relaxed day of shooting, a photoshoot is nice as well. And it is always exciting to see the results of a shoot. A fashion show ends so quickly, you have a few moments on a catwalk and it is over in a flash! You would wish there was a repeat button!
World Class Teen Models Magazine: who support to you more when you wanted be model, your mom or dad?
Madelon: I haven’t asked them to be a model, it’s ok they decided to subscribe me with an agency when I was seven years old. I have no idea, but I can’t imagine there are many kids who will tell their parents when they are little: I want to be a model! Cause they can’t have a clue what modelling is about, unless they know someone who is a model. My mom feels guilty when she says ‘yes’ to a assignment, and it turns out to be a hard working day for me. The photoshoot in Istanbul was extremly tiring, because of the lack of sleep (but it was an awesome experience though!) and we had a shoot a few years ago, where the team had to stitch the jeans so tight, I couldn’t sit for two hours. Those things happen and it is difficult for the parents at that moment to keep the child motivated! Mostly my mom accompanies me, sometimes my dad, but he’s not the patient type, he finds it hard to wait so long haha!
brand:Tumble ‘N Dry
World Class Teen Models Magazine: do you have brothers and sisters? how many? and they wants be models too?
Madelon: I have two brothers, they are 8 and 15 years old and no, they definitely don’t want to be models, my oldest brother hates it when a picture is taken and my younger brother can act like a clown when there is a camera in sight. They both love to tease sometimes, when they see me they will say: Madelon, you’re ugly! They don’t mean this. Brothers can be fun but they can be real annoying too.
World Class Teen Models Magazine: You had a chance to work with Jow Junior, tell us about your experience?
Madelon: I have done three fashion shows in Holland for Jow Junior. There was one in The Hilton in Rotterdam, a combined show of House of Byfield and Jow Junior, it was awesome! And Angelle Chang (owner and founder of Jow Junior) is such a sweet person! She, supported by designer Winnie sy Chan and by Angelle’s family, is working so hard to get her label represented in more countries. Angelle really deserves it that Jow Junior will be a huge succes!
World Class Teen Models Magazine: Who are you role models in fashion industry?
Madelon: Sorry, I have no idea yet. I admire the great models, such as Doutzen Kroes and Cara Delevigne, but it is not my goal to become such a great model (and hey, let’s be realistic, what are the chances???). I do have to choose in a few months which high school I will be attending, that is a difficult decision already! Let alone to say what I would like to become in the future.
World Class Teen Models Magazine: Do you have a favorite fashion designer?
Madelon: I like the Italian brands a lot, but I am not really into the high fashion designers. A brand like Moschino, that is something I do appreciate though.
World Class Teen Models Magazine: Besides modeling what else would you like to do in the future as a career?
Madelon: I do not think at this moment modelling will be a career possibility (and I will have to await how tall I will grow!), but if I have the chance to stay in the fashion world, I will definitely take this chance. It is a fun-world, a vibrating environment, with creative people who all work hard to create beautiful things. And yes, a world with a touch of glamour too! I love that!
World Class Teen Models Magazine: What are your dreams?
Madelon: Not so many actually. I Hopefully feel at easy quickly when I will go to my next school. And I love to travel, short trips, city trips, there are so many places I would like to see, like Paris, Milan, London and my very number one on the wish list: New York. That would be a dream come true: a photoshoot in New York, or to walk in the New York Fashion Week!
World Class Teen Models Magazine is grateful for this amazing interview with such an amazing and accomplished young model as Madelon Grootenboer.
Thank you
Interview by: Fernanda Capicci
Photographer: Steffie Lulu
Photo by: Oliver Ribardiere

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