World Class Teen Models Magazine interview with Lena Seyfarth

World Class Teen Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing young Wisconsin teen Lena Seyfarth
World Class Teen Models: Hello Lena how are you doing today?
Lena: I’m doing good. Thanks for asking.
World Class Teen Models: Please tell us about yourself.
Lena: I am 13 years old and live in Janesville Wisconsin. I am a straight A student in school and play the flute in middle school band. I am an active swimmer in the Edgerton Otters Swim Team. Since fifth grade I am performing in the Edgerton Drama Club and was lucky to play the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz in fifth grade and Snow White in the Rockin’ Tale of Snow White in seventh grade. In my spare time I volunteer at the Edgerton Outreach Center to give back to my community. I love animals especially my Sheltie Zophie. School is very important to me and it is my goal to get a University degree in Science. This year I was published in several issues of Haute Couture Chicago Magazine with pictures by Thomas H.P. Jerusalem, one of the publications being the cover of Haute Couture Chicago August. I was also published in Petite Magnifique Magazine, Sprinkle Kids Magazine, and Child Couture Magazine. I am a model for the Beautiful Youth Project.
World Class Teen Models: How long have you been modeling?
Lena: I started modeling when I was nine years old. I took modeling classes at John Casablanca.
World Class Teen Models: What inspired you to become a model?
Lena: I always liked to watch America’s Next Top Model and wanted to become like Tyra Banks.
World Class Teen Models: What fashion shows have you done so far?
Lena: My first fashion show was the LOLC Royal Affair in 2015, I got the opportunity to walk for C. Rinella Designs. I also walked at New Your Fashion week for French designer Méghane Monatus. In April 2016 I walked for designers Lubia Reyes and Pageant Girl Designs at the LOLC Royal Ball. Last October I walked in the LOLC Fashion Show for Prin by Prina Bagia.
World Class Teen Models: Who are your favorite photographers you worked with?
Lena: This year I got the opportunity to work with a lot of great photographers. My two favorite photographers are Thomas H.P. Jerusalem and Carlos Rodolfo Chinchilla.
World Class Teen Models:  What are your modeling dreams?
Lena: I hope to become a High Fashion Model and get the opportunity to model for designers like Karl Lagerfeld.
World Class Teen Models:  Tell me about your experience in New York.
Lena: It was a great experience to walk at NYFW. I loved to walk for French designer Méghane Monatus, her designs are beautiful, young and fresh.
World Class Teen Models:  How did modeling helped you with self esteem?
Lena: Modeling made me more confident. It helped me to be in front of people and speak to an audience.
World Class Teen Models Magazine would like to thank Lena for this amazing interview.  We look forward to seeing you grow as a model and wish you success.
Photo by Zbyszek Guczal
Photo by Carlos Rodolfo Chinchila

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