Katelyn Buerger World Class Teen Model


Hello Katelyn, we are so happy to celebrate the Grand Opening of World Class Teen Model Magazine by featuring such an amazing young teen as yourself.

We’ve seen you in Chicago  Fashion Scene and now we will follow you all the way to New York for NYFW Live Out Loud Charity Fashion Show  in February 2016.  This is going to be very exciting year for you.

Now, lets get to know you.

What is your:
Name: Katelyn Buerger
City/Country of Birth Limburg an der Lahn, Germany
Citizenship: German / US
Age 14
Height 5’10” (178 cm)
Weight 125
Hips 36″
Waist 27″
Bust 33″
Shoe Size 9.5
Languages that you speak: English and German
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Eye color: Blue
Hair Color Brown

World Class Teen Models Magazine: Who inspired you to dive into the modeling world of glitz, glam and fame?

Katelyn: Sherrie Gearheart founder of Live Out Loud Charity and a fashion show producer inspired me even back when I was 10 years old. I attended a “Fashion Week” summer camp focused on building self-confidence along with fashion modeling. I remember being the youngest one in the camp and we ended the week with a fashion show. Fast forward four years later and Sherrie still inspires me. I have also had a number of people encourage me. Carlos Rodolfo Chinchilla has helped me feel comfortable being myself in front of a camera and has been a great friend and supporter. Also, I can’t forget Derek Tokarzewski owner of World Class Teen Models Magazine. I appreciate all the support you have provided over the past few months in coaching me. I have learned a lot and look forward to learning so much more over the next year.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: What was the first model casting call you ever did.

Katelyn: The first casting call I did was exactly one year ago. I auditioned in February 2015 to model in the 3rd Annual Live Out Loud Charity Fashion Show in Chicago.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: How did it feel to be around all those models?
Katelyn: I was really nervous at first since it was my first time. I remember thinking how pretty the models were and they had more experience than I did. I was amazed how nice and supportive all the models were during the casting call. They knew it was my first time and encouraged me.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: There was an audition process, tell us about it.

Katelyn: When I walked in I had to complete paperwork with details about me, my measurements, modeling experience, and why I wanted to model in the fashion show. Each model was called and had to show their walk in front of the others. I remember Sherrie giving me immediate feedback on my walk and letting me try it again since it was my first time. The most important part of the audition was being interviewed about the charity and the reason I wanted to support it.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: How did it feel going home knowing that you were casted for your first fashion show?

Katelyn: I actually didn’t know the results the day I auditioned. When I was notified, I was so excited about the opportunity and felt a sense of accomplishment.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: What advice would you give to teens that are thinking about trying out modeling?

Katelyn: I would definitely tell them to go for it and to look for opportunities to network and build their experience and confidence. That is what I have been trying to do over the past year. For me personally, it is also about finding a cause that I am passionate about supporting.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: Do you remember your first fashion show, what was it?

Katelyn: Yes, I definitely remember it. It was the 3rd Annual Live Out Loud Charity Fashion Show at Steven Papageorge Hair Academy in Chicago.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: How did it feel throughout the day while you were in hair and make-up?

Katelyn: I was really excited. There were so many models and hair and make-up artists. I was curious to see what I would look like after they were done especially since I didn’t really even wear make-up at the time.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: Did you have any chance to make any friends during your first fashion show?

Katelyn: Yes, I did. I remember one of the models came up to me and actually remembered me from the Fashion Week summer camp when I was 10 years old. She was selected by Sherrie to model in her fashion shows and was working with her since. It was so funny that she recognized me.  I also remember speaking with Elliana Roy and her mom, Brittany Gallarneau, and Kamile Inokaitis.  When I look back at the photos from the fashion show, there are so many people I now know from the various fashion shows and charity work. They have become like family.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: Who did you model for?

Katelyn: I modeled for the incredible Satoko Mizuno. I love her designs. She is also incredibly nice. I ended up becoming a customer of hers after the fashion show.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: Tell us how did the first step on the run way felt?

Katelyn: I have to admit I was very nervous because it was the first time I had to walk in high heels in front of people. I was so afraid of tripping and falling on the runway (luckily I didn’t).

World Class Teen Models Magazine: Since then how many fashion shows have you modeled in?

Katelyn: I have modeled in a total of three fashion shows for Live Out Loud Charity.  Right now I am so excited for the next opportunity, it will be 1st New York Live Out Loud Charity Fashion show during New York Fashion Week on February 15th, 2016.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: You model because you have a cause behind what you do, tell us what is your title and what is your cause?

Katelyn: My title is Miss Worldwide Teen Illinois for Live Out Loud Charity. My cause is to support Live Out Loud Charity’s mission which is building awareness for suicide prevention, depression, and anti-bullying through core character development.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: Why is it important for a model to have a cause?

Katelyn: I think it is really important for people to help others. Some people make an assumption that models are snobby or self-centered but people are intrigued by, what they think is, a glamorous life.  Models have an opportunity to be role models and to use their influence to give back to the community and to prove this stereotype is not correct.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: Why is Live Out Loud Charity important to you?

Katelyn: I feel very strongly about what Live Out Loud Charity stands for based on my own personal experience of being bullied. The bullying was very painful and it impacted my confidence and led to withdrawal from my peers at school and depression. I have also seen too many of my friends be impacted by bullying, depression and suicidal thoughts. I don’t think anyone should be made to feel inferior because they aren’t in the “cool” group or they look or act a certain way. Everyone is beautiful and has something to contribute in this world. I am still working on overcoming my own issues from being bullied. It hasn’t been easy and has taken a lot of time. However, if it wasn’t for the bullying, I may not have reconnected with Sherrie and had the opportunity to be a model and meet all the wonderful people I have met. An experience that was so negative and hurtful to me has ironically led to great opportunities. I hope I can help others feel loved and appreciated so they can have the confidence to also reach for their dreams.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: Having role model in your life can be life changing.  Tell us about what Sherrie Gearheart founder of Live Out Loud Charity and Miss United Nations means to you?

Katelyn: Sherrie is such a role model because she teaches by example. She has overcome obstacles in her own life and is constantly reaching for higher goals. She has a great heart and gives so much to others. When I first met Sherrie I had low self-esteem due to bullying and not feeling like I fit in to my new school. Sherrie helped me to face the challenges and to look at them differently. She encouraged me and also introduced me to others who had similar experiences. I instantly felt supported and I didn’t feel alone. Sherrie has changed my life and I am so thankful.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: Who are your favorite designers you modeled for?

Katelyn: I can’t pick out a favorite designer. Each one is an artist and they have their own unique style.  But i feel honored and grateful to model for Korn Jewellery from England, I love how the Swarovski crystal look on me, i think every girl should own at least one pair of her jewellery.  I also feel so lucky to have worn beautiful clothes during World Class Model Training, Model Boot Camps or in fashion shows from Satoko Mizuno, Lil Couture Cutie, C. Rinella Designs, Leandro Mulet, JOW Junior, Danaya Designs 4U, Korn Jewellery, Lubia Reyes, and Ashley Alverth. I am looking forward to wearing Little T’s and designs from Abraham Garcia during New York Fashion Week.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: Is model coaching important?

Katelyn: I have found this extremely valuable. There is so much to learn and it is essential to have someone who knows the industry providing regular feedback and helping you to further develop your skills.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: Great model has a great team behind her. Who is your favorite hair and make- up artist

Katelyn: It is definitely all about team work! This is something I learned very quickly. The hair and make-up artists, designer and photographer all play key roles. A model cannot be successful without a great team. I have recently worked with Ambrocio Duran and Abraham Garcia for hair and make-up. They are both incredible.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: What advice would you give to all the teens who are dreaming to be models?

Katelyn: Try to educate yourself and meet people in the industry. It is important to make connections. Most importantly, bring a good attitude and be ready to work hard in a team.

World Class Teen Models Magazine: In closing what would you like to share with the readers?

Katelyn: Please think about how you can help create a positive impact. Be kind to others and definitely stop bullying. We don’t have to compete with or judge others. Everyone has strengths and challenges. If we focus on lifting each other up, then we can all be successful and make a positive impact on our communities and the world.

Thank you Katelyn for taking the time to interview with World Class Teen Models Magazine, you are a true inspiration to other girls and we can’t wait to see what future holds for you.

World Class Teen Models Magazine Cover Web

Photography: Derek Tokarzewski

Hair and Makeup by Casanova Salon, Abraham Garcia and Ambrocio Durant

Accessories: Korn Jewellery


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